About Me

Hello, I’m Hilary Parker! I’m a Data Scientist, previously of Stitch Fix, Etsy, and the 2020 Biden for President Campaign.

I’m passionate about the intersection of data science and product, from deeply understanding users to designing new experiences that depend on innovative data pipelines and client interactions. My work from Stitch Fix was featured in Wired, and I am the lead inventor on a patent (US Patent Application 20200302506, notice of allowance received, pending final grant).

I also have a data science podcast — Not So Standard Deviations — that I have co-hosted with Roger Peng since 2015. NSSD is a bi-weekly data science podcast with Roger Peng that has over half a million downloads. Our topics of discussion include the R ecosystem, recent developments in the data science and statistics field, reproducibility and the “how” of how data scientists and statisticians work. As of July 2021, we’ve had over 2 million downloads.

I got my Ph.D. in 2016 in Biostatistics at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, working with Jeff Leek. My undergraduate degree is from Pomona College.

In the past I have been better known as Status: Bitchin’, 0.05. Now I spend more time doing activities less likely to give me a concussion, like Zen meditation and pottery.

Status: Bitchin'